Agreement and Release Form

I, hereby release the CICD Puerto Rican Parade, Inc. and its board of directors of all actions, rights, causes of action, claims and demands whatsoever that now exist or hereafter accrue against the CICD Puerto Rican Parade, Inc. and any and all consequences flowing therefrom as a result of the undersigned’s participation in the CICD Puerto Rican Parade, Inc.

I understand that the parade or its designee may expel any participant on the day of the parade for cause, including but not limited to failure to follow the directions of Parade Staff. I understand that if our participation should be canceled due to violation of the above directives, the Parade shall not return any fees paid to the Parade.

I hereby grant permission to the CICD Puerto Rican Parade, Inc. and those authorized by the Parade to interview, secure media statements, design printed materials (including social media websites), photograph, film, videotape, audio record or use other means of capturing my image or voice, to use my and my group’s image, voice and statements for all Parade related events, activities and promotions.

I hereby acknowledge that I have read the rules and regulations of the CICD Puerto Rican Parade, Inc. and I will obey the rules and regulations as specified.

The CICD Puerto Rican Parade, Inc.. ("CICD") reserves the right to close the application period early if we exceed the maximum allowable limits of people, floats, or vehicles. The CICD further reserves the right to reject any application that is deemed incomplete or does not meet the guidelines for acceptable purposes set forth in the CICD's application. Applications submitted without payment will not be considered.


1. Covid-19 Guidelines: Masks are not mandated but are strongly encouraged in dense gatherings. In addition we recommend participants to practice social distancing when possible. If you think you may be sick with symptoms such as difficulty breathing, fever or coughing please stay home and seek medical attention. If you have been exposed to COVID-19, or think you have been exposed, you can help prevent spread of the virus to others in your community by
staying home.

2. All organizations must submit a list of all people to participate in the CICD Puerto Rican Day Parade with their name, address and telephone number along with this application.

3. Only 50 persons per group (unless another amount is authorized). A charge of $2.00 per participant will apply for each additional person after the authorized 50 persons per group. Please include these additional fees in the money order sent with this application. Bands and folkloric groups are not included in groups of 50.

4. No one is allowed to march without a wristband.

5. All participants must promote Puerto Rican heritage, culture and pride. Groups/participants that do not reflect the culture may not be allowed to participate in the parade.

6. All participants must reflect a respect for general public decency and moral values, including a dress code of a professional or cultural nature. All participants must refrain from the use of profane or offensive language, symbols or gestures.

7. The use of the Puerto Rican flag as part of an outfit or clothing will not be allowed and the use of the flag to decorate a float must be done in a respectable and dignified manner. Flags with symbols will not be allowed.

8. No political or electoral advertisement or signs may be displayed by any contingent.

9. NO THIRD-PARTIES will be allowed to march with the Original group that signed on the Application.

10. All participants must adhere to the instructions of Parade Coordinators/Staff during the parade.


If your group is interested in a float, you can indicate so on the Registration Form. Once application and payment is received, the parade will connect you directly with the float staff to discuss the design process. Float design and marching contingents must be described at time of application. All floats that do not reflect Puerto Rican culture will be banned from the parade. Throwing items from the float into the crowd of spectators is forbidden and is grounds for removal from the parade.

● No motorcycles (with the exception of Slingshots), or 16 wheelers will be allowed.
● For security reasons, closed vehicles will be used to pull the floats only.
● Each group is limited to 2 vehicles at the parade, unless otherwise authorized. A $250 fee applies for each vehicle. Oversized vehicles subject to additional fees.