The Miss Puerto Rico of Greater Hartford Cultural Pageant (please note that is not a "beauty" pageant) has been hosted for more than 50 years, making it one of the longest running pageants in the State of Connecticut.

Each year, over 20 participants from the Central Connecticut region compete for the cultural pageant title in three categories: Miss Puerto Rico of Greater Hartford (ages 15-18), Miss Puerto Rico Pre-Teen of Greater Hartford (ages 11-14) and Little Miss Puerto Rico of Greater Hartford (ages 7-11).

The goal of the Pageant is to educate and inspire each contestant to develop confidence and teamwork while appreciating her culture by learning about Puerto Rico. Each contestant selects a town from Puerto Rico, usually her parents’ or grandparents’ hometown, and is required to learn the town’s history to present it in a creative and artistic way at the pageant event.

Each participant demonstrates and displays her uniqueness throughout four different performing areas: cultural costume, on-stage talent, evening gown, and question.

The selected pageant Queens spend their reign-year meeting elected officials, attending community events, and participating in educational and recreational activities. At the end of her reign-year, each Queen receives a small scholarship.

Registrations for the 2024 Miss Puerto Rico Cultural pageant are now open.


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